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Live Workshop (Beginner/Intermediate)

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In this Live Workshop, we’ll learn how to solo over the most common chord progression in jazz, the 2-5-1, using chord tone targets. We’ll explore chord substitutes, left hand accompaniments, common rhythms, and a variety of exercises to master chord tone targets. By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand how to target all the chord tones in your soloing.

Click here to download the lesson sheet and backing tracks.

This event will take place on the Live Show page. If you are unable to attend the live show, it will be archived on the Shows page for later viewing.



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Hey, I attended this Live Workshop - my first (I'm new to PWJ).   

Wow am I ever glad I attended!  Being an attendee in the workshop was kinda like being on board a plane as it starts to take off ... at first the scenery begins to roll by slowly, but quite soon you are moving much faster, and then the plane takes off and are flying around in the air seeing all sorts of thing you never imagined!! 

I loved Jonny's explanation of how the jazz progression by 5ths works, particularly showing how the 7th chord pulls to the 3rd of the following chord.  I've seen the "classical" explanations of circle of 5ths but this time around, by including the 7ths, I got a big "aha" moment.

Another aha moment for me came as Jonny fluidly moved from the inversion structure to the Guide Tones and then to the Rootless Voicing.  I've seen these topics listed in courses that I plan to take, but suddenly I understood how cool these sound, and totally why it will be worth figuring out how to play them.   I guess the beauty of workshops like this is that you get to hang on and see topics like this covered quickly, which becomes a big motivation for taking the in depth treatments (and re-watching this workshop).

Anyway, bravo!

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