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  1. Hi. 
    I joined PWJ a couple of weeks ago. I watched the introductory videos and believe I am around level two… Beginner/intermediate. I also took part in the first session of Go Tell It On the Mountain. .. which I truly enjoyed. 
    I though that would be a good place to begin.

    I have listened to Jonny’s lessons about practice... and think I am on the correct track. 
    First I do technique and theory (Scales, 7th chords & extension),
    Then, the piece I chose to work on: Go Tell It On The Mountain using the live lesson presentation... Lessons 1-8

    My problem or question:🤔
    When I sign on, I get this message in the bottom right hand corner

    “It looks like you have no open course activity. Start a new course today”.   it also says I have not completed any lessons or exercises etc...

    I’m obviously not doing something I should be doing.
    I’m not the most tech-savvy person.

    Any ideas/suggestions? I always feel that I’m starting from scratch and there is no record of my work or progress except in my own mind and notes I take. 

    Thank you, Pete

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