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    • Date  5/22/2020
    • Practice Duration 2 hr off and on
    • Course & Lesson Name Major 7th chord theory and application. Lesson 3; Jazz Ballad/Cocktail piano lesson 4
    • Style Studied (blues, jazz, swing, latin jazz, etc) 
    • Learning Focus (chords, scales, bass lines, improv, arranging, etc) major 7th chords C Major 7, F Major 7, Bb Major 7, inversions and new chords E flat maj 7, A flat maj 7, D flat maj 7; 
    • Exercises Practiced shells on other songs in key of C
    • Songs  Always On My Mind; The Way You Look at Me
    • Challenges/Successes (what were your challenges and what did you do well) Went well. Practicing shells, improving but still slow..
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