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  1. Greetings  to all members in the community.  

    1. George A

      George A

      Just when I think I know what I'm doing, I come back the next day and hit a huddle using Facebook and this practice log.  I looked for Jonny's explanation, but even that disappeared on me!  Don't even know how to ask the question.  In any event, I will skip this until I put more time into practicing.  I mentioned somewhere that I am beginning at the beginning!  Even though I can read music, etc., I am not kidding myself, I need to re-learn all that I may have forgotten and or learn what I missed when instructed a thousand years ago.


    2. George A

      George A

      Well, I started five weeks ago in the Beginner's class.  I have had some knowledge of how to read notes since I play the trumpet (not well) and did have a year of piano lessons a thousand years ago.  Over the years I learned a lot of theory, but as far as having piano skills, I consider myself a newbie. 

      I've listen to several on Facebook and I'm impressed.  One of these days I hope to put something up, but to be honest, I'm not sure what recording equipment other than a phone I will need.  And I asked my son how do I get it from my phone to the internet.  He's a programmer...and I'm still waiting for his help!  How do I upload the file?    

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