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  1. It's Hump Day - Remember that camel walking through the office!  Well, today is Wednesday February 26, 2020, and as I start all my days, I was off to Mass and being Ash Wednesday, I have this big smudge mark in the form of the cross on my forehead.  One can google why this is done if this is unfamiliar to you.  When this mark is applied, one of two remarks are made - "Repent, and believe in the Gospel" and or "Thou are dust and dust you should return".  Enough sermon for the day. 

    I started with Jonny last Dec 8th.  I waited especially for that date as it is my Mother-in-law's birthday.  I was hopeful that I would be able to play the piano somewhat!  I knew how to read music.  I had a somewhat knowledge of theory.  I now had the time to devote to practice and in the PWJ community I would be held accountable.  

    I do hope to get something up on the Facebook Community and I'm hoping that it will be within the next few months. 

    I'm working my way through the beginner's course and I'm glad I started here even though I had some piano lessons (I didn't do well).  Presently I just finished Passing Chords & Reharms.  I spent a week on this section and did just okay.  I'm always not sure if I should stay here or move on.  What do you do?

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