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  3. For me, learning about music is like golf. You never really master it, but its fun and rewarding trying to.

    • Date  5/22/2020
    • Practice Duration 2 hr off and on
    • Course & Lesson Name Major 7th chord theory and application. Lesson 3; Jazz Ballad/Cocktail piano lesson 4
    • Style Studied (blues, jazz, swing, latin jazz, etc) 
    • Learning Focus (chords, scales, bass lines, improv, arranging, etc) major 7th chords C Major 7, F Major 7, Bb Major 7, inversions and new chords E flat maj 7, A flat maj 7, D flat maj 7; 
    • Exercises Practiced shells on other songs in key of C
    • Songs  Always On My Mind; The Way You Look at Me
    • Challenges/Successes (what were your challenges and what did you do well) Went well. Practicing shells, improving but still slow..
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  5. Date  May 15, 2020

    Practice Duration  watch lessons

    Course & Lesson Name  watched lessons 6-8 jazz ballads

    Style Studied (blues, jazz, swing, latin jazz, etc)  cocktail piano

    Learning Focus (chords, scales, bass lines, improv, arranging, etc) what to do with the left hand shells,  stride, money range,  chord tones right hand,

    Exercises  none

    Songs / Improv The way you look at me

    Challenges/Successes (what were your challenges and what did you do well) unable to play the piano for the next 4 days. Had a medical procedure through my wrist and it has to rest for 5 days. Thought I would watch the videos and learn to get a head start when I get back to the piano. 


    I think I'm in the right company, because I like piano music, especially blues. Although I am a beginner, so to speak, I hope to learn a lot from you, friends. Of course, with a lot of work but through fun! Best regards from Serbia!

  7. I’m excited to join the Pianowithjonny community !!

    i want to start learning jazz music and I feel lost and don’t know where to start.

    any suggestions?


  8. I want to thank Jonny May for having an excellent course. I am enrolled in another jazz online course, the name of which I am not saying, and Johnny May’s video lessons I found on YouTube is far superior. I wished I would have found this course before signed up with the other course.

  9. Hello everyone.  Let's piano together!

  10. Katie, Greetings from Northern Virginia and congratulations on your new "job".  Katie, Jonny often mentions a gentleman who is his oldest member - I believe he is 83.  Well, I'm not too far behind that.  I started the piano like many back in the late 60's.  That's at least 25 years before you were born.  Probably on your second year on the piano you would have surpassed me - maybe in the first year!  But I'm determined to learn before leaving this - dare I say it - hallow ground!  Again, congrats.

  11. G'day Katie Welcome aboard from Aus. Brian W.

  12. Hi, everyone ! I’m the new comer from Bangkok, Thailand. I’m such an old guy who just start learning jazz piano systematically. 

  13. Just joined!!  I'm 78 years young, just got a new hip plus I'm hibernating coz of this covid-19 thing.

    Bought myself a keyboard......now learn to play it.....LOL.

    Did a load of due diligence and decided Jonny May best suited my learning style so off we go.

    1. Douthard S

      Douthard S

      Uhhhhh......coool....good luck😐

  14. My goals are to become a good pianist and to hopefully do it proffesionally


    1. Douthard S

      Douthard S

      I know I can’t spell


  15. It's Hump Day - Remember that camel walking through the office!  Well, today is Wednesday February 26, 2020, and as I start all my days, I was off to Mass and being Ash Wednesday, I have this big smudge mark in the form of the cross on my forehead.  One can google why this is done if this is unfamiliar to you.  When this mark is applied, one of two remarks are made - "Repent, and believe in the Gospel" and or "Thou are dust and dust you should return".  Enough sermon for the day. 

    I started with Jonny last Dec 8th.  I waited especially for that date as it is my Mother-in-law's birthday.  I was hopeful that I would be able to play the piano somewhat!  I knew how to read music.  I had a somewhat knowledge of theory.  I now had the time to devote to practice and in the PWJ community I would be held accountable.  

    I do hope to get something up on the Facebook Community and I'm hoping that it will be within the next few months. 

    I'm working my way through the beginner's course and I'm glad I started here even though I had some piano lessons (I didn't do well).  Presently I just finished Passing Chords & Reharms.  I spent a week on this section and did just okay.  I'm always not sure if I should stay here or move on.  What do you do?

  16. I really haven't posted anything as I'm a beginner!  And at my age, sometimes I lost in this technology.  I can come back here two hours later and forgot how I even got here!  Now, give me the slide rule and I can run circles around anyone!  What is the slide rule - Google it.


    As noted, I join December 8 of 2019 and I'm so happy that I did.  I do practice several hours a day and see some progress.  I only wished that I started several years ago.  One day I will post some of my music, but rather not until I advance a bit more.  Besides, I'd have to clean my area that is much cluttered!  Ops, I don't believe I said that.

  17. Share updates/ Question/ Practice Journals/ homework - reflection link to video
  18. Share tips and practice suggestions
  19. I actually have this daydream where I live in a cardboard box with my piano. All that, "stuff," just distracts me from practicing and playing anyway!! Does that answer the question? 😆 I'm not sure my husband would be in support of this decision!! 😉
  20. Follow 0 Got a question for all ya'll! If you were given a choice right now to either give up your life the way it is(family is NOT part of it, lol) and do anything you can to make your dream come true, or to keep your possessions and NEVER again be able to play the piano. It would be wiped from your lives completely. What would you do in a situation like this?
  21. Onwards and upwards - happy 2020 to all!

  22. I am working on playing blues.  Any tips on memorization would be welcomed

  23. Greetings  to all members in the community.  

    1. George A

      George A

      Just when I think I know what I'm doing, I come back the next day and hit a huddle using Facebook and this practice log.  I looked for Jonny's explanation, but even that disappeared on me!  Don't even know how to ask the question.  In any event, I will skip this until I put more time into practicing.  I mentioned somewhere that I am beginning at the beginning!  Even though I can read music, etc., I am not kidding myself, I need to re-learn all that I may have forgotten and or learn what I missed when instructed a thousand years ago.


    2. George A

      George A

      Well, I started five weeks ago in the Beginner's class.  I have had some knowledge of how to read notes since I play the trumpet (not well) and did have a year of piano lessons a thousand years ago.  Over the years I learned a lot of theory, but as far as having piano skills, I consider myself a newbie. 

      I've listen to several on Facebook and I'm impressed.  One of these days I hope to put something up, but to be honest, I'm not sure what recording equipment other than a phone I will need.  And I asked my son how do I get it from my phone to the internet.  He's a programmer...and I'm still waiting for his help!  How do I upload the file?    

  24. It is great yo be part of PWJ community!

  25. Hello PWJ World. I am here to claim my rightful claim to the piano bench.

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